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do you ever stop for a moment and think what a dork mamoru is…


Revisiting a drawing I did a little while back. In 1996 or so.






always reblog because best crossover in history 

This. Always.

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Lissy Marlin

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Gypsy Girl
8” x 8” Acrylic Painting 
Inspired by my travels around Spain and my love for Carmen (the opera by Bizet) <3 

More about it on the IndieGogo page!

Only 1 out of the 5 small paintings I’m doing for my book are left!  
Free sticker set with every contribution on perks of $25 or more!

Thank you and don’t forget to spread the word! :D


Totally ADORE Cameron Stewart’s and Babs Tarr’s Batgirl redesign <3333 !! I couldn’t help but make a fan-art of this lovely lady!! 

Anonymous: You're being so ignorant with your tweets. Hobby Lobby is a company that isn't going to support something they do not believe in. They aren't saying for people to not use birth control or any types of birth control. They just don't want to be the ones allowing it through their insurance. The company is being bashed for doing what they believe in while ignorant people like you get upset about it. If you don't agree don't work for them. It's simple


Point one:

Hobby Lobby is a corporation. Corporations get certain benefits that people don’t: tax breaks, protection from criminal charges being filed, etc.

If Hobby Lobby would like to be a PERSON WITH RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, then Hobby Lobby should not get the protection of a corporation.

Point two:

If Hobby Lobby had the courage of their religious convictions, they would not:

If you are a human in the United States, it should not be up to your boss to decide what medicine is appropriate for you to take. It should be up to your doctor. Yes, and insurance company could deny you, but YOUR BOSS SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY DECISIONS WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR HEALTH CARE.

Point three:

Hobby Lobby is totes cool with vasectomies and erectile dysfunction drugs.

Point four:

One of the points people up is that Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to cover the Morning After Pill because it’s abortion. Except that the Morning After Pill ISN’T ABORTION. The Morning After Pill delays or inhibits ovulation. IT PREVENTS PREGNANCY. This is science. But maybe you think gravity is a myth, too.

Point five:

Christian Scientists and Jehovah’s Witnesses traditionally do not believe in medicine. So I imagine you ‘re okay with a business run by someone who practices these faiths to not cover your mom’s chemo, or your diabetes medication, or a blood transfusion for your child.

Point six: (bonus round!)

I appreciate that you are so confident of your convictions that you are willing to put your name on your…oh wait. You’re anonymous.

#DrHobbyLobby prescribes taking up cross-stitch. May I recommend this one?

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We’re not helpless girls who need men’s protection

Again that they tied this lyric to Mamoru’s appearance just makes my day.

Anybody who ever had the idea that Tuxedo Kamen’s role was to save Sailor Moon and the Senshi is being so thoroughly corrected, in song, every episode, and that makes me happy on a mitochondrial level. Mamoru is support. Mamoru is about helping the girls find the strength and the courage to save themselves. That is so, so important.

We’re not helpless girls who need men’s protection

No you fucking aren’t.



'Columbusing': when white people think they discovered something they didn't

Want more examples of ‘Columbusing?’ watch the full video here.

(Source: College Humor)



With all the complaints on tumblr, and given that Naoko seriously has the best ‘no fucks given’ face of all time, I had to make this. 


It was never dead